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Wellness by Choice Review by MOLI Roots for Baltimore

Hello there, this is Mozart. Hello this is Luayy. We are the creators of MOLI Roots.

These are Chakra candles - each for a different Chakra. Chakras are various focal points used in a variety of ancient meditation practices. Chakras are believed to connect our physical, mental, and emotional selves. Each Chakra corresponds to a specific location, color, and aspect of our lives, from our basic needs and self-esteem to communication and spiritual enlightenment. Balancing these Chakras promotes harmony, well-being, and personal growth.

The essential oils we use are made specifically for each Chakra. This one, as an example, is a sacral Chakra. Each coconut is hand carved with a little bit different carvings. Our logo is here too. It smells so good.

This is the Patchouli and Cedar Wood for the Sacro candle. This one has a third eye - hand carved. We played with the dye colors to match each Chakra for color therapy. The solar plexus (the third of the seven main chakras, located around the belly button) are Pine and Cedarwood.

Moli Roots Essential Oil Chakra Candles

They're all made of natural oils because even if something is labeled 'natural fragrance' it's probably laboratory modified.

For example: If you light a candle and get a headache, it's probably because it's your body reacting to the smoke or soot from burning the laboratory modified fragrance. We use only essential oils. We didn't use any fragrances. Even if they say like it's a hundred percent natural fragrance it's still fragrance - made or modified in a laboratory. That's not oil. That's not natural. Poison Ivy's natural too, and you wouldn't want to breath the soot!

Why we're joining and participating in Angelina's Wellness by Choice project.

First, we were not planning to go into something like Wellness by Choice, or to participate in such an expo. However, I felt first of all that we connected on a deeper level. It wasn't just business. It was more of Angelina's experience and sharing her knowledge with us during the first call. I took so many notes, and it was incredible how she added value to us by sharing how we could do this and that!

The second part is the wellness boy Choice expo project. It's not only just the Expo. It's about the whole experience, the whole journey. Meeting right now, the opportunity to be in the magazine, the type of people we hopefully will connect with, and that's something I think really important to us.

I really like that she chooses the type of people that are gonna be here. I think the combination of all of these things kind of like clicked with us. We we're not planning to it but you know let's do it because we feel positive about it. We feel positive about the energy and the people that you're bringing together. So we're hoping to be part of the community.

I remember hearing about Wellness by Choice and Angelina through Nikki a friend of mine. Nikki is a practitioner of clinical aromatherapy, and she guided me to Angelina. Let's talk to Angelina and see what this presents. We had a zoom meeting with Angelina, and as Louis said, we instantly clicked within five minutes.

I knew this was a great business opportunity, and much more than that. A journey of life that we are all carrying. I know that I'm part of this. Whatever it's going to take we are part of this. We're gonna meet many and have something wonderful. We're going to do many Expos here and there, and things like this MOLI Root will be part of.

This wonderful journey of Wellness by Choice,and we're gonna carry on and the more we work together the more we will understand more of why we are here together.

Why are we doing this work together?

You know and I find a beauty in unity, and I think this is something that brings us together. As we are here sitting with you guys in front of this beautiful water and this beautiful nature you guys chose to come to is wonderful.

Beside the environment and the great hospitality, meeting Daniel and Angelina personally was really beautiful. Daniel and Angelina are very unique people. Obviously, you just look around and you see the lifestyle. You see the choices they make in life, and how they gather themselves together, and go on very unique people. This is where my soul feels home. Me and Daniel cannot stop talking about quantum physics, and all these ideas. It's just wonderful!

We had such a fun time with the wing, and the wind-foil board. These things kind of bring life back to people by going back to simple activities that bring fun and joy - and you guys like started with that! That was a beautiful gesture from both of them.

We're programmed to go, go, go to be successful in a position or a field, but we lose sight of what's really important. It's those moments that a little bit sun breaks through the clouds onto the lake. You feel it and enjoy it. You just chill and spend time with the people that you love and care about. You share conversations of what made you and this trip unique today.

Cheers, Cheers

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