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I was born in a small town in Mexico called Camargo, and in 1963 my family moved to San Bernandino, California. I grew up with strong family values and lots of love, as my mom stayed home while dad worked.

In 1980, one year after graduating from Cal Poly Pomona University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I married the man who won my heart and was excited to start my new life.

Things went well for about six months, and then sideways after an overwhelming incident in one of our exchanges which broke my heart.

Two years into our marriage, the first of four sons was born. I quit my job and following my mother’s footsteps became a stay-at-home mom.

This decision to stay home catapulted our marriage into a chain reaction of unhealthy behaviors for the next 28 years. I lived in denial of my circumstances. The denial that I’d become my husband’s sugar mama.

Despite the misery, desperation, and hopelessness in our unhealthy marriage, I chose to homeschool our four sons through high school.

In 2013, I made the decision to invest in myself and earn a certification as a Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). THIS action tremendously changed my life 180 degrees. I rediscovered my strength and awoke my personal power as a woman, mom, wife, and inner hero.

After a couple of months of my teenage sons witnessing my transformation they too started standing up to their dad with the courage and confidence of their mom being strong enough to help back them up.

Throughout this journey, I learned lessons about living and succeeding on healthier terms. To me, success is about living a truly committed purposeful life. If I want something bad enough I do what’s required.

In life, you can either find an excuse or find a way. I found a way. I now help other women do the same. Do you want this bad enough too?

Together let’s awaken the greatness of your heart and hero within!

Mind Transformation Coaching and Training

Let’s Awaken the Greatness of Your Heart and Hero Within!

My marriage journey has been a blessing in disguise. In the beginning, I assumed I could handle anything in it as long as I followed the example of my parent’s marriage. They must have known what they were doing after twenty-eight years. What else would I need to succeed?

I needed a new blueprint as those beliefs led me to live a nightmare!

Endless hardships in marriage left me feeling unloved and betrayed. My approach of being more loving in hopes of gaining my husband’s acceptance backfired. Instead, I was met with even MORE criticism, demands and rejection which devastated my self-worth and my health.

Determined, I told God, “I will do whatever it takes to have a happy family.” I cried out to Him, many times, asking for the strength and understanding on how to make my marriage and family flourish.

Trusting God with my life and marriage, my mantra became, “Let me not become tired in doing good, for in due time I will be rewarded, if I do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

My mistake is that I assumed that my childhood experiences and parental role models were healthy. I followed a mother who lacked self-respect. If I cannot respect myself how I can expect my husband to? These devastating realizations awoke my heart, mind and soul!

What fueled my commitment to change was creating a healthier home and me being a healthier role model to my four sons! First, I learned how to be more heart-centered and accepting of how God sees me. In time, I declared, “I’m truly free to be me!”! That feels REALLY GOOD!

Wanting to share this transformational process with other women I created my six months to ‘Awaken The Hero Within Me’ program.

My seven-step signature program consists of personalized one-on-one sessions which guide you through a journey of self-awareness, acceptance, and transformation.  From how your childhood role models and life experiences built and nurture your blueprint, which forms your current choices and outcomes, to how you can change it NOW!

It’s time to invest in how to create the next best version of yourself.
To experience the calmness and clarity of mind that only a healed and heart-centered belief system and life, with maturity, can bring you?

Let’s experience the clarity of your individuality as a confident woman. One that gives and receives respect and appreciation of a life well lived

Let’s Awaken the Greatness of Your Heart and the Hero Within


“When I first started working with Irene, sharing my story of sexual abuse with others was a scary thought. I was determined to overcome this fear. After two weeks I experienced a dramatic change and shared my story on social media. I became Irene’s student to learn how to offer the same transformational tools I had experienced to others. Today, my history no longer haunts me. I am a happier person , mother and I’m seeing major results in my business because I invested in help through Irene!”

Angela Turpin Transformational Coach

“I’d been struggling with personal anger, irritation at work, coupled with sadness, and loneliness in my marriage. I was attracted to Irene because she was the result of her own product. With Irene I felt safe. I loved her ability to listen to me intuitively as a compassionate, and strong coach. She changed my life forever. I now enjoy work; my husband and children love who I have become. I feel incredibly grateful to be a master of my emotions and my life!”

Dr. Lee Thao PHARMD

“I chose to work with Irene because I trusted and believed in her abilities. I come from royalty in Sweden. Everything that happened in my family was kept behind closed doors. Throughout my life, I chose to bury and pretend my life was great; that I was strong and powerful. I worked hard and loved even harder. Working with Irene required everything of me. I had to face all my hidden fears, abuses, limiting beliefs, and blocks. Today I have found My Hero within me that has put me back on my journey stronger, more fierce, free, and more powerful than I thought possible. Irene has transformed my life! Now, it is my time. The rest of my journey is waiting for me and I have Irene to thank for it!”

Nathalie Herrey Mastermind and Coach


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We must guard our hearts as our beliefs & actions flow from it.
The heart is our inner core – our thoughts, feelings, desires, will, and choices are expressed through it. Pay attention and be mindful whenever an experience creates movement in your heart.

The difference between the movement in our hearts and emotions.
When our heart is moved from an experience, emotion is expressed. Sometimes that expressed emotion is based on a collection of filtered perceptions and around that which we believe, even if it’s not true.

Emotions are an outward expression communicating how we feel.
Our perceptions of the world around us are a cumulative reflection of our inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We unconsciously project all of our unresolved stuff onto other people. We repress stuff in our minds, which we find hard to cope with – this ‘stuff’ is made up of beliefs and ideas, emotions and feelings about ourselves and about other people and the world. So, what we perceive in others whether we like it or not, is our own projection.

Our beliefs are powerful.
Do you believe that only saying positive affirmations will change you? I believe that change happens when thoughts are in alignment with the emotional state of the body. You can think “I am fearless” until you are blue in the face yet if it’s fear you are actually feeling, the thought “I am fearless” cannot make it past your your brain stem. Learning how to signal your nervous system into a new specific destiny includes a shift in philosophy, attitudes and behavior. With this I can help.

Attaining coherence in our hearts improves our health.
Heart coherence benefits us in numerous ways, including lowering ourblood pressure, improving the nervous system and hormonal balance, and improving brain functions. When you can maintain elevated emotional states, independent of the conditions of your external environment, you can gain access to the kind of high-level intuition that fosters a better understanding of yourself and others. This benefit may help reduce, prevent or replace stressful patterns in your life with joy.

The 5 Steps to Accessing Your Heart Intelligence
  1. Strengthen Your Intuitive Heart + Brain Connection
  2. Relax And Allow + Breathing
  3. Discover & Accept Your Full Potential + Optimize
  4. Awaken Your Heart’s Intelligence + Strength
  5. Live in Authentic Love, Joy, Peace + Gratefulness


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