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Baltimore Country Blues Artist Suzanne's Band!

Baltimore Country Blues Artist

Americana, Country-Blues combination Suzanne's Band is the official vehicle driven by Texas-based singer/songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker. Suzanne’s career highlights include her recent acceptance into the Recording Academy (Grammy’s) and her rapid development as an established YouTube artist. Live shows are a blend of music covering the last seven decades and are usually a mix of classic blues, pop and country. Suzanne’s original songs are also woven into the setlist.

Solo acoustic shows are the most commonly booked events. The non-genre specific approach to Suzanne’s songwriting creates an entirely different basis to build on along with introspective ideals and the importance of self-worth laced into the lyrics. If you're looking for a deeper connection to life through music, Suzanne's Band is it!

Suzanne's Band for Baltimore - Well Beings Project

When asked how I ended here from where I started at the age of fifty, I'd say that professionally there were two areas of strength that gave me the experiences I needed to be where I'm at today. From a business sense I had over 20 years of Office Management experience, managed an HOA for a subdivision, and I'm a mom of three now adult kids.

Musically, I had performed in various choirs, ensembles, etc. in all aspects. I was a worship pastor for a while and taught children’s music classes.

In 2016, I was encouraged by a friend to start learning to play an instrument and in just one short year I had learned to play guitar, relearned piano and started songwriting leading to the development of my new music business.

I initially was just a songwriter looking at selling my songs. When I looked into the process and ownership modules of what that entailed, it was a better idea to make it a business especially since I wanted to play and sing my songs myself and not just hand them off to someone else to interpret.

Americana/Country/Blues is my music genre. The non-genre approach to my song-writing is what sets me apart from others as well as the over 50+ in age aspects to the lyrics. As a Grammy Awarded Songwriter, I write down my songs immediately when they come to me before they are gone forever.

My band logo has a lightning bolt in it for two reasons. Being from Texas we have a lot of storms which bring lots of lightning which is how my mind tends to work. One brilliant flash then it’s gone!


Shout Outs and the Behind the Scenes of Suzanne's Band

Shout outs to Danny Jones, producer of my first three projects, who introduced me to the joy of the recording process. John In Houston, is my “wind in my sails” promoter, encourager, and motivates me!

All my friends and the gang at School of Rock-Cinco for helping in any way they could with promoting, purchasing products and participating in the performance and/or recording process. My friends and family who have supported me and the band in every way possible.

Many thanks to all my business associates from merchandise production, website support, distribution, photography, videography and so much more that make this music machine roll along smoothly.

Warm squishy hugs and thanks to Hanh Nguyen at The Perfect Latte for giving our band a platform to play off of every month along with small business support throughout each year. Thanks to recording engineer Michael Mikulka, mixing engineer James Hoover and mastering engineer who made our latest production Ice and Fire a resounding success!


"There’s irrefutable artistry on display from the moment Suzanne’s Band’s latest release, the nine-track Ice & Fire with “Night Blues,” a structurally meta dance hit that will unquestionably become a staple at Suzanne’s Band’s live shows as a chillingly cool piece of music fit for Tarantino as it drips with desire in its inspired Southern and Spanish-guitar stylings. “Reach You” pivots into piano ballad territory, which was a bold choice; allowing the album to be carried by guitars and classic rock compositions thus far raising the album’s credibility substantially with its tenderness and open-hearted vulnerability." Click to continue reading...

Album Review by Michael Stover

"If you’re looking for the perfect mix of homespun, old fashioned country crooning and contemporary folk/pop aesthetics in a single cocktail, you’re going to want to add Suzanne’s Band’s Back to You to your record collection a lot sooner than later. With the assistance of her ably-chosen cast of supporting players, Mia Suzanne Walker is contributing a color to indie folk music that had been mostly absent from the genre in the early and mid-2010’s. We’re going to see her come into her own in ways that had only been teased in her early efforts." Click to continue reading...

Album Review by Clay Burton

"In the shadow of a ghostly wind, an acoustic guitar begins to play, the voice of one Mia Suzanne Walker not too far behind from its opening salvo of string melodies. This is “Write a Book,” an excerpt from the album Back to You by Suzanne’s Band, and it’s one of the better examples I can point to when talking about the experimentation its lead singer is toying with in her latest release. In her debut EP Breathe, Walker proved she could do some amazing things with the mic in her hand taking her craftsmanship to a new level of accessibility." Click to continue reading...

Album Review by Nichole Killian






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