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8 Emotional Facets of Learning for Baltimore Men

The Emotional Facets of a Journey With a Purpose

The 360MEN Book of Insights is an 'expedition' says Daniel; "it's a journey with a purpose. The summit challenges us with DATAISM, so we better learn who we are - and fast!".

Men have taken up challenges from the earliest writings. We've protected families, communities and countries from threats for centuries. AI for lane control is a good thing. AI that knows us better than we know ourselves for social media mitigation... hmmm.

Join A Personal Everest: an Expedition that Matters to Men

Watch the Baltimore Emotional Journey video
"The greatest expedition you're ever going to take is that journey to self-understanding"; put it on my tombstone!

"360MEN is a journey with purpose.

"It's getting somewhere with an outcome that is intentional, so you're invited. I want you to come.


360MEN: Worth Thinking About: Episode Two

"Welcome to the next episode. This is part four of describing this 360MEN Expedition and this Book of Insights.

"I want to talk this time about different facets of the emotional component - of taking a risk - of sticking your booty out over a crevasse - of going emotionally where you've not yet been, or in leadership in a different way to some place you haven't been.

"What's that feel like?

"I'm gonna try to make this succinct. I'm also gonna try to demonstrate while I'm doing this a three camera setup.

"I'm gonna present a sequence of emotions. They were brought to my awareness by the author. His name is Jeremy Tronet. He's a wind and water sports coach in the Grenadines. We've emailed and he's given me permission to regurgitate his work with given credit. So thank you Jeremy.

"These are very insightful points. In learning a sport, a new skill, a new behavior, you're gonna go through a fairly predictable sequence or patterns of emotional experience. If you come on this expedition, if you're brave and you stick your toes in the water and go through this process I want you to be aware what you're gonna go through.


8 Emotional Facets of Learning

"There's at least eight fairly distinct steps experiences in learning something new.

Emotional Stage One: Awareness

"Awareness is the first step. Becoming aware of how bad we are at something.

"When I first flew a glider the first time I went from book learning to hands on the stick. I realized I'm bad. The gliders all over the place. I'm wagging the tow plane. Okay, relax, it's okay, it's not gonna crash, don't panic. You know the whole plane is designed to fly with my hands off - so once I was aware of that - of how bad I was - I could start practicing more skills.


Emotional Stage Two: Envy

"Jeremy's second point that he sees with people learning things is envy.
 "The first time you see somebody doing something like I talked to you about with wind foiling it was like holy cow I am totally into that and that is like awesome. I want to do that.

"I bet you when you watch somebody on YouTube and you see they've gotten to a hundred thousand subscribers, or a million with some of the ones that we're been following and supporting, that's like wow can that really be done? There's a sense of envy that you feel.


Emotional Learning Stage Three: Inquiry

"Then you go on to the third stage. The third facet which is inquiry... hmm... questioning.

Hey is that hard to do?
Do I have what it takes?
Can I do that?

Hmm... I wonder what that'd be like.


Emotional Learning Stage Four: Doubt

"Quickly following that is a fourth facet which is doubting. Geez... really?

I'm probably not gonna make it.
I... I don't think I have what it takes.
What if this happens?
Well what if that?

You start doubting - you know - you start thinking it's not for you.


Emotional Learning Stage Five: Confidence

"Fortunately if you push through - persevere and you know - don't go it alone. If you've got a group of guys to support you you're gonna start having some confidence. Your skill sets are gonna emerge.

Some of these videos that you're gonna do (and storytelling) is gonna become more emotional. It's gonna be a little more of what's going on inside of you, and people are gonna resonate with that. They're gonna connect with you. They're gonna listen.


Emotional Learning Stage Six: Frustration

"Your confidence will grow and that's quickly followed by frustration.

"There's a lot of emotion in me today. There's a wine bar downstairs. They decided to do jungle music this morning right when I decided I was gonna record.

"What? Jungle music? You know what I mean...

"bam bam bam - like the trunk of the car - you know - when it has a metallic skull changing - yeah - so then the equipment goes wacko or the software or the there's always something.

"Frustration is... how do I get to the next level? I have to clean out my social media? What? There's something there. Okay you'll go through frustration!


Emotional Learning Stage Seven: Competency

"At some point competency starts coming. I just nailed my first four jibes this season. They were ugly. They were... ugly! But, I got to a pretty decent degree of competency this year with a lot of crashes.

"I just discovered I broke the nose of my board apparently the last time, and I've got to dig into the carbon-fiber to fix that before I can go out again, right so competency happens and then the final facet'


Emotional Learning Stage Eight: Reward

"There's a sense of reward. There's a sense of significance that you're making a difference for other men. You're contributing stories. You're telling real-life experiences. You're charting a path that someone else is going to be able to follow, and if you've ever seen people cross a crevasse on an aluminum ladder that the Sherpas put there, because there's a sense of significance that you'll feel that your life has mattered, that you've contributed and you've piloted and un-chartered (charted!) a way forward for others.

As emerging AI and DATAISM (look that up) becomes prevalent, and the more that there is faith put in the algorithms to keep us in our lane and keep us in the proper order and socially correct. Where's that leadership coming from? Who's making those decisions? You can't just go blindly forward.

"Thank you Jeremy for pointing out these facets of the learning experience:

  • Awareness
  • Envy
  • Inquiry
  • Doubting
  • Confidence
  • Frustration
  • Competency
  • Reward


"All right there's a conversation for you."

"Subscribe for more. That will get your toes in the water. You can at least watch what's going on. If you feel a sense of envy make a comment, tell us what you think, ask some questions, learn more, come on to the inside and get into a private space where you can have this conversation without your data being exposed to the world -  without your beliefs betraying you - and if you're really up for this, you've got some evidence to support your perseverance in making a cause known or a movement, then talk to me about white-labeling and or leading a 360MEN Chapter. They're all available for you."

"At least subscribe."



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